What devices does Tablo OTA DVR work with?

Tablo is considered to be an interesting next-generation option made available for Over-the-air viewers. This DVR simply plugs into the antenna and then captures free local channels. The main benefit of Tablo is that it can easily take care of the heavy streaming in about any device. The traditional DVR is mostly connected to a TV but Tablo does not come with an HDMI connection. It is basically a network based DVR that makes use of the internet facility. Hence all you would need is a Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection so as to stream the content to the Tablo apps on any of the connected devices anywhere.

For making use of the Tablo DVR all you would need is, OTA HDTV antenna, a good internet connection, a wi-fi enable laptop or computer or smartphone and a USB hard drive. There are multiple devices that work well with Tablo OTA DVR. Let us have a look at few of them:

• Xbox one
• Roku
• Android tablets and phones
• LG smart TV
• Amazon Fire TV
• Samsung Smart TV
• Apple TV
• Android TV
• Chromecast
• iPhone
• iPad
• TabloTV web browser.

The Tablo DVR is quite simple in terms of setup and also as seen earlier it supports a number of device. It also offers multiple common functions as seen in a DVR. Few of those include, live TV time-shifting, checking up on the old recordings and so on. Though the Tablo DVR is slight different than the normal DVR as mentioned earlier, it directly plugs in the antenna and not the TV. Hence it can quickly stream live recordings as well as shows to any device. It would need both a USB hard drive as well as a TV antenna. The major benefit of Tablo is that it can stream the live as well as recorded even when you are outside the house. Surely a great deal for those who travel a lot and still would want to be updated.

Tablo is also the only OTA DVR with Wi-Fi. It allows you to position the DVR as well as the antenna so as to get the best reception signal. It can record up to 40hours of non-stop HDTV. When you add in a USB drive then you can also upgrade its recording capacity. Since it would be connected to your home network such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet, you can anytime watch, record and pause the recording. It also allows for browsing any upcoming shows as well as to manage the recordings per episodes. There is also an option to skip commercials or ads. It provides the facility to rewind any previous recordings or to fast-forward the series. These features have made it easier to watch any of your favourite series on mobile or smart TV without the worry that you would lose out on any episodes.

Tablo is surely a great deal for all the OTA TV owners or for cord-cutters. Hence if you are a cord cutter still worried about recording your favourite shows then think no further since you have the Tablo OTA DVR handy.