What is OTA television and how does it work?

One of the most powerful tools of cord cutting is the OTA television. However, it has also been a lot underutilized. People have yet not understood the complete potential of the OTA TV. Hence let us understand what exactly is OTA and how exactly does it work for its viewers.

OTA TV: OTA stands for Over-The-Air. Hence when we constantly use the terms OTA TV, we are actually talking about over-the-air TV which actually is free TV. It has the potential to pick up signals with the help of an OTA antenna. OTA TV is absolutely free for its viewers. All you would need to pay for is the cost of purchasing one. Once you have the OTA TV in place with the right type of antenna, you are sure to get some of the major broadcasting channels absolutely free of cost.

The antennas that are used for watching OTA TV is referred to as Over-the-air antenna. Another one is OTA DVR which helps in recording the programs you watch on OTA TV. So in each of these cases, the acronym OTA refers to Over-the-air. There are broadcasting towers located in particular areas and these towers send OTA signals which are normally picked up the OTA antenna. The distance of these broadcasting stations from your place would exactly determine as to how easier or difficult would it be to pick up the stations.

Currently there are 4 major broadcasting networks such as, CBS, Fox, NBC and ABC. Earlier you would get these only through your cable or satellite providers due to which the OTA was long forgotten. But these major networks never actually stopped broadcasting over-the-air signals. Hence OTA TV never went away, it just lost itself among the cable and satellite providers. However, people are rediscovering it back again. There has been a revolution in cord cutting which has led to the advent of OTA TV.

How does it work?With the use of modern OTA TV and modern OTA antenna, you can get all of these major networks with HD picture quality. An OTA TV without an antenna is of not much use. You have to get and antenna if you need to air free TV. Today’s antenna is available in all sizes and shapes which makes it much easier for the consumers to select from. There are also indoor and outdoor antennas available. All you would need to do is select the best antenna that suits your need. For this you would need to carry out some research in terms of, which broadcasting stations are available in your area, the signal strength, which direction they come from, what range of antenna would be required, how many channels are available in your area and son. You can visit the FCC site or TVFool.com which provides this information by just entering the zip code. Once you select and purchase your antenna. Get the connections in place by selecting the best location in the house or outdoors on the roof. The placement is important since it would determine whether your antenna can pick up strong signals or no. Once all of this is in place, scan the TV for the channels and you are good to go ahead and watch your favourite shows on the OTA TV. Note that there would be a need for scanning multiple times unless you finalize the location.a